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17.3.2016 à 20h00

St. Patrick's Day 2016


Kilkenny city is famous for its long history of brewing fine IRISH ale and beer.

The brewery may be gone, but the music plays on. The Kilkennys are the first
group named after the beloved marble city.
They are also the first band named after an Irish city in 50 years - since
Luke Kelly and company started under the name The Dubliners. 

The Kilkennys, Ireland's newest balladeers, come from a city steeped in music,
history and folk culture. With passion and pride, The Kilkennys play old Irish
folk songs and new songs of their own.
Therein lies The Kilkennys’ sound: tradition modernised through a vibrant mix
of old and new.
Much like the monks of St Francis Abbey, who first brewed ale 350 years ago,
they are meticulous craftsmen. They pour their hearts into their music.

Their tunes flow from the source:
Kilkenny, a wellspring of Ireland's oldest beer and finest music.

Vocals / Flute /       Davey Cashin      

Vocals / Drum's /    Davey Long
Percussion /

Vocals / Bass         Tommy Mackey 

Vocals / Banjo        Robbie Campion

Commune de Betzdorf
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